Control your power at the tip of your finger

Using our Currant app, you'll be able to turn devices on and off right from your phone

Install Currant Meter
& download the app

Connect to the Currant

Name & plug in your

Start tracking usage and
create rules!

Monitor and understand your usage

The Currant app allows you to instantly access your usage for the devices you plug in. View a detailed breakdown of energy usages and understand when your peak usage is.


  • 50% Master Bedroom
  • 29% Kid's Bedroom
  • 7 % Kitchen
  • 14% Bathroom

Easy to Use

The currant app is made to be fun and simple. We have made it so every experience effortless.

Create rules that follow your command

The Currant app allows you to set variety of rules to your devices of when to turn ON or OFF

Organize by Rooms

Personalize your room names and include multiples devices in each room to control them all from one device

Download the app
to explore!