Designed to be a part
of your home.

Currant's unique design reflects your decor and personality,
bringing style to any room.

Plug in many devices.

The Currant meter allows you to plug in any device up to 1800 watts. Connect any device from a refrigerator to a phone charger.

Elegant Design.

Our industrial designers took careful considerations when design the Currant Meter. The beautiful reflective screen allows the Currant Meter to have a more luxurious design.

Intuitive Software.

Currant makes it simple to monitor the energy you use and set up rules to take charge of your home.

Side By Side.

Having two Currants Meters plugged in side by side is no problem. Since our back plates can change orientation, you have this luxury with Currant Meters.


Any Orientation.

Flip the back plate to meet your needs to point outlets in the opposite direction. Never run into the problem of not being able to plug in.

Technical Specs.

Input: 120V / 15A / 60Hz
Output: 120V
Resistive 1800W
Incandescent 960W
Electronic Ballast 600W
1.5 hp