You plug it in.
We help you save.


You’ve never seen a
smart outlet like this before.

Currant has reinvented the smart outlet from the inside out. AI enables our products to simplify energy savings, while thoughtful design and a reflective surface make a welcome addition to any room.
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Energy savings without compromise.

$19 billion is wasted each year powering devices that are not actively being used.
Our mission is to empower you to discover the biggest energy offenders in your home, and suggest simple ways to save energy and lower electricity bills — without sacrificing comfort or convenience.

Simple from the start.

As soon as you plug in and connect Currant to the iPhone or Android app, the smart outlet goes to work for you. Let Currant analyze your usage and suggest changes so you can put energy savings on cruise control.

Control, three ways.

With your voice.
With the app.
Fully automated.

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